forming and framing in Vancouver, BC, Canada Pantera ConstructionPantera Construction has over 24 years of construction, concrete forming, framing and project management experience in the North Shore and Vancouver area. We will be your partner at every step from conception and structural design, through to completion.

We have a high attention to quality and detail and work well with other sub-trades and are conscious of production progress and deadlines.

Our professional approach means we can deliver outstanding results. We consistently delight our customers. We thrive on exceeding expectations from our customers. We can easily cope with rough terrain and inclement winter weather because our framing-forming methods are second-to-none!

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Forming & Framing

forming and framing in Vancouver, BC, Canada Pantera Construction Experienced in every type of forming system, we have the ability to produce exceptional product in extreme conditions as experts in formwork over rock and rough terrain. We ensure plumb and straight foundations, suspended slabs and take the special care and attention required for architectural concrete.

We frame new build custom homes, multi-family townhouses and condominiums based on traditional, modern and conceptual designs. We pay special attention to intricate and detail oriented designs accurately and according to plan.

Working with your architects and designers, we work hard to bring your dreams and aspirations to life. Our experience of concrete forming and framing on Vancouver's beautiful North Shore makes us invaluable in ensuring your new home will take fullest advantage of the stunning vista to add that illusive WOW factor!
Our concrete forming methods will create a safe and secure foundation for your home, upon which we frame to the highest standard to give your house the strong bones it needs so you can enjoy your new home and have total peace of mind.

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Renovations Vancouver Pantera Construction, BCWith the high price of real estate in Vancouver, it often makes sense to modify and upgrade your home instead of moving house.

We have the experience in working with existing structures and anticipate final product concurrent with conditions at hand. Whether the renovation is for an apartment unit or a high-end home, our standards comply with the BC Building Code to bring you comfort, space and safety to uniquely fit your changing needs. We will listen to your needs and ideas, and work with you to plan the best use of your space possible within the budget that you can afford. We add value to your real estate investment by providing expert workmanship.

Quite simply, Pantera Construction can be trusted to deliver quality on time and on budget.

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